Saturday, August 05, 2006

It's the eleventh plague!

There are butterflies EVERYWHERE right now.

Seriously. You can't go anywhere in this area now without seeing them.

Apparently, lots of rain followed by dry weather and lots of heat combined to create conditions favorable for major amounts of a particular species of butterfly. And they are nearly impossible to avoid.

We drove to Fredericksburg last weekend and there were times we'd see mini-swarms of them along the road. We kept wondering why there weren't any birds there, picking them off. I think the birds are scared of that many butterflies. Like the butterflies could join forces and take out a bird, so the birds are being extra careful.

It's a good thing we filled the windshield washer fluid before we moved, because we probably went through half of it just on that drive. Those little butterflies (they're not very big, but they far make up for that in the fact that there's something like 47 billion of them, it seems) make a reasonably icky mess on the windshield when they smack into it.

I did see a bird swoop down to pick one off yesterday, but it was a slow bird. I nearly hit it. That would have been bad.

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