Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Life in a small town

We have survived our move.

I'd guess about two-thirds of the boxes have either been unpacked or stored. The rest still sit in the office or living room, reminders of what I ought to be doing instead of what I am doing, namely writing this entry and reading.

I'm in my second day of being alone. Not completely alone; the dog is here and the cats are around somewhere. Each week, I get to live on my own for three days, something I've never really done. To be truthful, it's a bit liberating; I can set whatever hours I want and do nearly whatever I want. It'll be more liberating when I actually have a car.

Right now, I'm basically stuck here. We're right in town, so I can do as I did this morning: walk to the post office. Walking in Texas in July or August? Not high on my list of things I enjoy.

Haven't really had much in the way of interaction with anybody yet. The neighbors have been leaving us alone. We live on a short street, with only a few houses near us. We've met most of our neighbors, but that's about it.

With the exception of my trip to the post office and the visits yesterday from the guys delivering my new washer and dryer and the DirecTV installation guy, I've been relatively isolated. It's not so bad. I'm kind of enjoying it. I've been reading, writing, chatting with friends online. I talk to the dog a lot, which is a little scary. But at least she doesn't answer.

I get to get out of the house tomorrow and be sociable. The library is having a lunch with speaker thing and I figured I'd go. Gotta meet some people sometime. Plus, it saves me having to figure out what to make for lunch.

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