Saturday, June 17, 2006


We're at the new house this weekend and I took a brief break from painting to go visit our neighbors, the goats.

I'm continually surprised by how friendly the goats are. When we walk up to the fence between our property and the neighbors, they'll kind of look at us, then, eventually, one or two start trotting over. Eventually, the whole crew starts heading our way. It's rather cute, really.

We noticed tonight that there's a stretch of our yard, a few inches wide, that's nearly as barren as the land the goats are kept on. The smaller ones can stick their heads through the welded wire fence and nibble at whatever grows there, so they do. Fine with us, frankly. I'd be happy to let 'em all come over in the back half of the yard and chow down, if it'd keep the area under control.

Goats are awesome. I met a very nice one a couple of weeks ago.

I hope you really enjoy your new home.
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